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Tuesday. January 11, 2011 :: Popular Baby Journal Now For Twins!


Bumble Launches ‘my bum2 book’ to Help Parents Track Their Twin Babies’ Days in Modern Style

Manhattan Beach, CA – Look what hatched on December 4, 2010: It’s my bum2 book, a daily journal for TWINS!

With my bum2 [squared] book (“bum2”), parents of twins won’t have to use two my bum books anymore! They can now record all their twins’ daily deeds in one convenient book. “Bum2 was such a natural addition to the bum book line. I’d gotten so many requests for a twins’ book – we just knew it would be a great way to help mothers with multiples make sense of their busy baby days.” said Cory Kingston, founder.

For the same affordable price as the original my bum book ($19.95), the new bum2 boasts the same modern style and helpful features as the original, but modified for twins. With bum2, you’ll be able to record both of your bums’ daily feeds, diapers, wake times, sleep times and more…all in one easy-to-use book! Thanks to the simple, thoughtful layout, you’ll soon begin to see eating and sleeping patterns emerge, making it that much easier to plan your day and get your twins on a healthy schedule. Plus, there’s a notes section at the bottom of each page – the perfect place for jotting down special milestones and events that you’ll love looking back on. Although bum2 is tangerine in color, it’s just as earth-friendly as its kiwi-colored predecessor. All bumble products use FSC certified papers supporting responsible use of forest resources.

Erin Feldman, mother of two adorable boys, recently purchased bum2 for a friend who’s pregnant with twins. She says, “I just gave a my bum2 book to my friend yesterday – she is so excited! She was trying to make spreadsheets on the computer; not quite the same. Now she’s ready for those twins to arrive!”

NEW to the original my bum book, and also included in the new my bum2 book, are six blank note pages at the back of the book. Use this space to record just about anything, from baby gifts to silly things your little bums do and say as they grow into toddler hood.

Pricing and Availability

My bum2 book is available now for a suggested retail price of $19.95. My bum2 book is sold through bumble online (bumblestuff.com) and select retailers (go to bumblestuff.com and click Find a Retailer).


Bumble is a modern, environmentally-friendly company geared toward helping new parents and caregivers remember all the little stuff and everything in between. For more information on bumble or bumble products, visit bumblestuff.com or contact Cory Kingston @ 310.567.0761 or cory@bumblestuff.com.


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