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Wednesday. November 24, 2010 :: The Dirty T-Shirt

Very excited about a Bum Book review today by Jennifer from The Dirty T-Shirt. Jennifer, who was named one of 2010 ABIE Top 50 Most Influential Bloggers and 2009 Nielsen Power 50 Mom in Digital Media says “This is a very cool journal and I recommend My Bum Book to everyone! Makes for a great baby shower gift!”

The Dirty Shirt

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Monday. November 15, 2010 :: The Mom Blog

“This little Beauty”! and “It is adorable!” are just a few sweet quotes from a post by Barb, editor of The Mom Blog – a blog for young mothers. Barb, who has a Bachelors Degree in Family & Human Development and is a Certified Infant Massage Instructor is also super excited to use it with [...]

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Tuesday. November 02, 2010 :: 3Ps in a Pod Holiday Gift Guide

Yep, the Holidays are here and so are the gift guides! We’re happy to report Alyson LaBarge appropriately dubbed as the Chief Ponytail Wrangler from 3Ps in a Pod recommends My Bum Book for infants in their annual 2010 Holiday Gift Guide. Take a peek at all the great gift recommendations…you may just find that [...]

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Monday. November 01, 2010 :: Montana Parent Magazine

Hot off the presses! We’re so excited to announce Montana Parent Mag says My Bum Book is a “Great idea for new parent gift!” Check out the article on page 16 in the November digital edition. Montana Parent magazine is an award-winning magazine for parents of infants through teens growing up under the big sky.

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