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Monday. August 30, 2010 :: SuzySaid…

Did you know? Suzy said My Bum Book is one of her Favorites – http://suzysaid.com/index.php?page=stories&family=favorites! SuzySaid is a free weekly e-mail and destination website for the best of everything – product, tried-and-true tips, deadlines, reminders and inside information to enhance your daily life in suburbia. She’s a girlfriends best friend!!! You must check her out.

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Sunday. August 15, 2010 :: Jens List

Another great posting in Jens List! http://jenslist.com/2010/08/13/friday-august-13-2010/.

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Thursday. August 05, 2010 :: babble

Go to the babble.com link below to view an amazing post on My Bum Book by Gabrielle Blair, the author of the very popular Design Mom blog and a founder of Kirtsy — an influential social media community for women. Garielle’s Design Mom blog was named one of the top 10 Motherhood blogs by the Wall Street Journal. Make sure you [...]

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Tuesday. August 03, 2010 :: DailyCandy Kids

I’m so excited to tell everyone that today My Bum Book was featured on DailyCandy Kids!!! Click the link to read their amazing feature and comments from satisfied moms on My Bum Book titled “a New Place to Note the Daily Routine” - http://www.dailycandy.com/kids/all-cities/article/85230/My-Bum-Book-Baby-Journal. While you’re there – if you aren’t already a subscriber - make sure you sign up [...]

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Sunday. August 01, 2010 :: Free Shipping

Yep, you heard us right…in honor of National Breastfeeding Awareness Month, we’ll be offering FREE SHIPPING the entire month of August!!!

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